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Blazers and evil marketing

by joel - October 13th, 2009.
Filed under: Marketing in these modern times.

I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers like some people are a fan of running water.  Anybody who knows me is aware that I am much more fun to be around the morning after a win than the morning after a loss.

Last season, for the first time in many years, my beloved Blazers made it to the playoffs.  I was beside myself.  Committed.  I cheered, I exhorted, I bought tickets and concessions.  I participated.

The Blazers were defeated in the first round of the playoffs, somewhat ignominously. I was crushed.  And what do I do?  I come back for more, buying new tickets for the next season.  How does misery like that make me want to repeat the process?

Hope.  I have hope.  And they sell tickets to me on the premise that my hope may someday be fulfilled with a National Championship.  I hate you Trail Blazer marketing team.  You have me twisted around your finger.

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