Joel Byron Barker

A writer with a toolbox chock full of pegs both square and round.

Great Text

Even in this time of multimedia and dynamic communication, long form writing, such as articles, documentation, white papers, and case studies are still an important tool.  I have worked collaboratively with teams to get the text just right for the need.

With ten years of experience as a technologist working in IT and telecommunications, I have expertise on high-tech subjects that most writers can not bring to the table.  I can get down and dirty with an engineer about SANs, IP telephony, network security, or any other techno-babble.  Then watch in wonder as I summon clear messaging for any audience, technical or not.


HP and Mclenahan Bruer

In association with Mclenahan Bruer and HP, developed two white papers
for the HP EVA-FS product line.

Served as sole writer, taking input from technical and marketing


  • Disaster Preparedness Best Practices for the Enterprise Virtual Array
  • Windows® File Server and Storage Consolidation using  HP EVA File Services Solution


Microsoft Technet

Wrote and recorded 90 minute fully scripted presentations instructing a
technical audience on features of Microsoft IT products.

Utilized strict style guidelines and qualified deliverables for legal

Tools Used:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Advanced Microsoft Word features
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Microsoft Active Directory and other Microsoft


Windows IT Pro Magazine

Wrote magazine articles reviewing and comparing products for a
professional audience.

Reviews and comparisons intended to provide professionals good
information with which to make purchasing decisions.
Stimulated lively responses by readers.

Windows IT Pro Magazine

Windows IT Pro Magazine


Barker Bass

Created an informative and engaging manual for a unique musical instrument.

Matched the text to the personality and style of the company founder, who happens to be my dad.

Your new instrument cuts a striking figure: A man in a linen suit striding through a South American farmer’s market. It is a mahogany Chris Craft moored at the end of a dock full of aluminum rowboats. The BVB is a sunflower rising above a sea of dandelions. We could go on and on.